Hard Boiled Sweets

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  • 2x Maxon Head Splitters

    Sour Sweets Designed for today’s younger audience who prefer their sweets sour and BEWARE these really are sour and only for those brave enough!

  • Aniseed Twist

  • Apple Pips

  • Barley sugars

    £2.50 per 250 Grams

  • Barley Sugars

    £2.50 per 250 grams

  • Barnetts Honey & Lemon Barnips

  • Barnetts Mega Sour Fruits

    Description Barnetts Mega Sour Fruits will be very popular with children and adults alike. These fizzy boiled sweets have a tasty sour fruit flavour, with an extremely sour coating - a very popular novelty sweet!

  • Barnetts Sherbons

    Fruit flavour boiled sweets with a sherbet centre Copper pan cooked for a fuller flavour Individually wrapped

  • Barnips