Hard Boiled Sweets

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  • Treacle Mints

    £2.50 per 250 grams

  • Uncle Joes Mint Balls

    £3.50 per  250Grams

  • Very Berry Pips

  • Victory V Traditional Lozenges Stickpack

    Description Victory V is British paste lozenges, renowned for their unique flavour and warming qualities. Victory V's strength, unusual texture and warming qualities are still just as popular today as ever. The distinctive red packaging combined with the 'forged for strength' strapline and red-hot anvil illustrates the pure strength of the lozenge. The liquorice and menthol flavour powerfully unclogs and unblocks you nose and throat to help you breathe easier when you have a cold or flu. The lozenges give you a special warm feeling in the back of your mouth and into your chest to emphasises how powerful the lozenges are so quick you feel more energise and your cold seems to disappear. £1.70 for 2

  • Walker’s Nonsuch Treacle Toffee Bars 100g

    Description Walkers Nonsuch is one of Britain’s oldest makers of traditional toffee. From humble beginnings they have grown to be a favourite all around the world. 95p  Each

  • Watermelon Pips

    hard boiled pip shaped sweets with the watermelon flavour.

  • Winter Nips

    £2.30 per 250 grams

  • Witch’s Nips