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  • Chupa Chups Cotton Candy Bubble Gum

    Description Chupa Chups Cotton Bubble Gum will delight your customers. At first its like cotton candy floss in your mouth and then it turns into a tutti frutti flavoured bubblegum that you can blow bubbles with. 50P each

  • Daddy candy balls bottles DADDY SWEET BALL BOTTLE

    Information Fizzy Candy Balls in a bottle 5 bottles per order

  • Dobsons Kopp Kops

    Description Dobsons Kopp Kops are a popular traditional sweet, liquorice and aniseed flavour hard boiled sweet with a soft and chewy centre.

  • Dobsons Tutti Frutti Mega Lollies

    price is for 5 lollies

  • Fini Camel Balls Bubblegum

    Description Who would have thought Camel Balls could be so tasty? Delicious bubblegum balls with an extra sour liquid centre. 50P for 10

  • Fizz Wiz Strawberry Popping Candy

    Description Fizzy sweets are extremely popular these days and Hannah's Fizz Wiz range is a great option. Sold in sachets and with a number of flavours available, Strawberry Fizz Wiz contains popping candy for an fun experience! This would be a great addition to a low priced range of children's sweets. £1.50 for 5

  • Haribo Viola

    Description A unique viola flavour combined with spicy liquorice that makes this article a masterpiece. The viola dragee-shaped pastilles have been for a long time in the Haribo assortment.

  • Juicy Drop Pop 26g 99p PMP

    cola flavour